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Gettysburg Address

Gettysburg Address

The Battle of Gettysburg lasted from the first of July to the third, in 1863. Over 16,000 American lives were lost and 26,000 more were wounded. When the Gettysburg battlefield was to be dedicated as a Soldier's National Cemetery to honor those who died, the main speaker was a Massachusetts politician named Edward Everett. He spoke for two hours. President Lincoln then gave his speech which lasted two minutes.

The Gettysburg Address is probably one of the most well-known speeches in America and now we offer it to you as a finely carved wall-hanging measuring 28" wide x 36" tall and carved into maple.

Price: $156.00

Dark on Maple

*Please note: Due to the fact that our plaques are hand-finished natural wood, each is totally unique. Therefore, the plaque you receive will not exactly match the plaque pictured on the website.